Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence 'Hunger Games' Premiere: 5 Tips to Get Her Look

Jennifer Lawrence pictures display her composure and warm smile. At the L.A. Hunger Games première, her up-swept and tumbled-down hairstyle suited the spirit of her movie character, Katniss Everdeen. Katniss is a warrior of her people, and Lawrence's glowing complexion gives her an outdoors-woman look that fits the characters' prowess with a bow and arrow. Jennifer Lawrence wore a gown by Prabal Gurung that looked gold or bronze depending on the light. The defined eyes and natural colors in her makeup complemented the bold color.

Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyle at The Hunger Games Premiere

The soft hairstyle, with an ornamented bun in back and tendrils falling around Lawrence's face was by Mark Thompson, her hairstylist. He told In Style he'd wanted to create Katniss' hairstyle since he read the book. Townsend used mousse on Lawrence's hair and then braided three decorative headbands into it.

The sparkle in the headbands work well with the metallic dress and create flashes of color to Lawrence's hair. The narrow, sparkling headbands create a beaded effect. In profile, the braided bun falls softly against the back of her neck. This creates a soft, romantic look, without the severe effect of a tight bun. The tendrils of hair framing her face, her bangs, and the softness of the hair gathered into the braid, left loose on her head, not pulled tight, keeps the hairstyle timeless and sensual.

5 Ways to Create this Katniss Look at Home

The hairstyle: Smooth a walnut-sized amount of mousse through your hair. Use more if you have longer or thicker hair than Lawrence. Braid your hair loosely, or have someone braid it for you, using jeweled, beaded or sparkly headbands as a strand in the braid. Use combs or clips to shape the braid into a soft bun that hangs on your neck. Spray your hair, including tendrils left free along the side with a non-aerosol hairspray.

Base: Use a matte finish liquid base or a powder base that matches your chest. This will help to give you a natural complexion that suits you. Apply it lightly.

Eye Shadow: The almost-bronze brown shadow in Jennifer Lawrence pictures from The Hunger Game Premiere in Hollywood Life suit her gown's color and her earthy movie character. Choose an eye shadow that looks like natural shadow, such as light brown for light to medium skin and dark brown or plum for dark skin.   
Eye Liner and Mascara: A key feature in the makeup is the eyeliner that extends all the way to the corner of the eye on both the upper and lower eyelid. It can take practice to get this right. Add matching mascara and your eyes are so defined they compel attention. 

Lips: Use nude lipstick and a light touch of coral lip gloss to add a hint of color and shine. Finish with a brush stroke of peach blush right along your cheekbones. Women and girls with darker skin tones can create a similar effect with a lipstick matched to their skin and a rosy or plum lip gloss. The nude lips effect works best by working with your skin tone.

Friday, March 16, 2012

5 Tips to Get the 'Dark Shadows' Makeup Look

Dark Shadows makeup proves it: Everything old becomes new again. The resurrection of retro styles is a given in beauty. With the movie scheduled to premiere in theaters on May 18th, expect to see an upsurge in 1970s makeup styles. The fun part of this is that Tim Burton's goth beauty creates an upbeat, playful vibe that gives you room to experiment with vampire-inspired style.

Tim Burton's new movie starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter draws inspiration from the 1960s vampire TV show by the same name. The original show featured a compelling vampire named Barnabas Collins and beautiful vampire women. Burton has updated the concept with 1970s disco music and quirky humor.

Helena Bonham Carter
Helena Bonham Carter stars with Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's new movie.
Vampire Lipstick

The Dark Shadows trailer on Buzz Sugar shows the women in the cast with pale lips, an effect you can get with this season's hot neutral lipsticks. In the most dynamic and active scenes for the female characters, the vamps sport blood-red lips. This is the classic women's vampire look, with the bloodless undead complexion giving high contrast to the blood-red mouth ready to feed.

Pale, Matte Base for the Vampire Look

For on-stage or night life, applying pancake makeup with a damp sponge gives you full coverage to create the vampire-pale beauty. For daytime or a more subtle effect, using a fair liquid or pressed powder base from a compact will give you a lighter skin tone. Finish it off with a light dusting of loose powder with a powder brush after applying lipstick and eye shadow. Skip the blush. The powder sets the makeup and increases the opaque, pale-skinned effect. This trick also works on dark skin tones. By choosing a base shade fairer than your skin, you can create the fresh undead look of Dark Shadows makeup.

Vamp Eyes

Retro eye makeup gives you room to get into makeup as paint. Vamp eyes allow you to go for heavy eyeliner. You have two fun options. Liquid eyeliner for an authentic 1970s drawn-on thick line on the upper lid that fans out at the outer corners of your eyes or using a softened eyeliner pencil tip to create a smudged line for your upper and lower lids. The smudged effect can even extend into deep shadows all the way around your eyes for a more intense vampire look. Complete the look with black false eyelashes or dramatic mascara.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Androgynous Model Andrej Pejic Lands Beauty Contract for Gaultier's new Men's Fragrance, Kokorico

Summary: Jean Paul Gaultier signed androgynous model Andrej Pejic for a beauty contract. Pejic, who has modeled menswear and women's clothing, will be the face of Kokorico, the Gaultier's new men's Fragrance. Kokoriko debuted with the masculine Jon Kortajarena.

Jean Paul Gaultier by Editerna via Flickr
Andrej Pejic has become the face of Jean Paul Gaultier's new fragrance for men, Kokoriko -- a Paris shoot by British photographer Mathew Stone kicks off the new campaign for the fragrance, according to "New York Magazine." The new ad campaign features the striking, androgynous model. Pejic's long blonde hair, delicate face, sultry eyes and androgynous figure work well for both male and female high fashion looks, giving Pejikc a special advantage in runway and ad campaigns. Pejic created a stir when he modeled a Gaultier wedding gown in the designer's spring 2011 couture show,  "New York Magazine" reported. The bride role in a fashion show is a coveted honor.

Pejic also created waves with a push-up bra ad campaign. Posed in clinging knit dresses, the sexy photos of Pejic offered convincing proof that the Hema Mega push-up bra adds two cup sizes, Fashionista reported. Although there have been crass comments, Pejic has a global following. Designers have been savvy enough to recognize this striking model's versatility.

Image courtesy of Fashionista

The new Gaultier fragrance's initial campaign starred the masculine Jon Kortajarena. Pejik's gender-bending beauty creates a different image for the new fragrance. This is the first new men's fragrance by Jean Paul Gaultier in 16 years, according to "The Gloss."

Perfume Kokoriko by Jean Paul Gaultier comes in several products, including a chic spray-on eau de toilette -- men's cologne, in American terms. These designer men's fragrances are available directly from the official Jean Paul Gaultier website. The site describes this men's perfume as an aphrodisiac with raw cocoa beans, fig leaf and wood. The packaging for the fragrance continues the emphasis on eroticism: from the front the shiny black bottle with red lettering is a sleek face profile. From the side view, the bottle shows a suggestive male physique.

The eau de toilette comes in choice of a 50 ML or 100 ML spray bottle and a 100 ML aftershave lotion. Other Kokoriko products include an alcohol-free deodorant stick, perfumed shower gel, eau de toilette shower gel and a soothing after-shave shower gel, creating the possibility of giving a set as gift. This also allows a man to have his products match each other in scent, rather than clash.

Gaultier introduced the new fragrance in France. It will be interesting to see how the Andrej Pejic campaign and Kokoriko's openly sexy packaging goes over with the American market.


New York Magazine: Andrej Pejic Got a Beauty Contract with Gaultier

Fashionista: Andrej Pejic Lands Major Women's Lingerie Campaign, Models a 'Mega Push-up Bra'

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day: Beauty, Smile and Posture Tips

Happy Valentine's Day!

One thing to notice -- when you drop every little criticism about yourself -- you're beautiful right now, and there are people who love you right now.

When someone's into you, he or she isn't holding up a magnifying glass to every little thing you ever felt self-conscious about. So, today, practice letting go of all that stuff that holds you back from feeling great about yourself, and just feel you. Find your happiness in everything you find beautiful today -- your favorite color, a bird, a flower -- take some inspiration from your surroundings and play up the things you like most about yourself. This will give you a glow that's much more appealing to others.

The New York Times confirmed that two underage models represented by Ford Models walked the runway in the Marc Jacobs show. These are models under the age of 16. The recommendation of limiting participation to runway models aged 16 or over was a recommendation, not a mandatory restriction. 

Think of someway to make your Valentine's Day a celebration -- even if you're spending it by yourself. Today could be the beginning of a better relationship -- taking good care of yourself is a great place to start. Treat yourself today -- being able to receive the good things can help you feel more loved and loving. It can start with you, right now.

That real smile that comes from feeling relaxed and content is a much more welcoming look than the tension that can become a habit on your face. Throughout the day, notice your face. Take a deep breath and relax your face. Making this a habit can help you prevent expression lines -- those deep wrinkles that can result from habitual expressions. Take another deep breath and notice your posture.

Check that your head is on straight -- literally -- and not craning forward. Deep breath -- drop your shoulders and check that your back is lined up from your hips. If you sit a lot, craning your head forward with your shoulders up and upper back rounded adds tension to your body, tires you out, and can lead to habitual poor posture as you get older. Just don't go there. Make it a habit to maintain good posture -- you'll feel better and look better all day.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Welcome to Secret Beauty Bleep

Enter the realm of secret beauty bleep and bring your sense of humor. We'll be exploring style, beauty tricks, moxie, body image, home remedies, homemade beauty treatments, runway fashion -- and how to create your most beautiful you -- at any size and any age.

This page celebrates beauty in all forms, with an appreciation and respect for diversity, different sizes and shapes and mature beauties.

Anyone looking for the latest overpriced bleep promising instant beauty probably won't be amused here.
Altes Museum (Berlin) - Nefertiti 01 by George M. Groutas,  Some rights reserved, via Flickr
If you think there's more to beauty than often-harmful chemical products, have an interest in taking care of your health, along with your skin and hair, and enjoy the larger issues of beauty -- such as body image, differences in perceptions of beauty in different cultures and in antiquity, the history of beauty and fashion -- and beauty of the entire human being, come along for the ride.

Here's an example of the kind of issue that affects the perception of beauty in our own time and place: Check out the controversy about underage models at New York's Fashion Week: N.Y. Fashion Week Underage Ruway Models Crackdown Ford Models Disagrees:

When I read the New York Times Article about the proposal to card runway models at Fashion Week, my main question was why are photographers shooting models undressing backstage, whether they're 14 or 16? The current proposal in to require models to show ID to prove they're 16 or over, but what makes it okay to take pics of 16 year-olds undressing? If the idea is to protect young models, wouldn't it make more sense to bar photographers from shooting pics of all the minors -- instead of barring models under age 16?

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