About Gryphon Adams

Gryphon Adams participated in community theater, studied makeup and worked as a costumer. After grad school he sold imported jewelry, accessories and clothing, including a line for plus-size women. As a lifelong student of art and human beings, he finds beauty in a range of sizes, ages, genders and colors.

Adams contributed to the "San Francisco Chronicle," Livestrong.com, Livestrong Nutrition, and private clients' websites, including educational articles and projects related to science and medical research. He has consulted on educational, creative and health projects, including presenting workshops for the San Francisco Department of Public Health and on books, including Frances Mayes' "The Discovery of Poetry Teacher's Handbook."

He completed a BA in Social Science with a minor in Classical Archaeology and an MFA in Creative Writing with a minor in Holistic Health.

Articles by Gryphon Adams are available for exclusive licensing via Constant Content

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