Monday, February 13, 2012

Welcome to Secret Beauty Bleep

Enter the realm of secret beauty bleep and bring your sense of humor. We'll be exploring style, beauty tricks, moxie, body image, home remedies, homemade beauty treatments, runway fashion -- and how to create your most beautiful you -- at any size and any age.

This page celebrates beauty in all forms, with an appreciation and respect for diversity, different sizes and shapes and mature beauties.

Anyone looking for the latest overpriced bleep promising instant beauty probably won't be amused here.
Altes Museum (Berlin) - Nefertiti 01 by George M. Groutas,  Some rights reserved, via Flickr
If you think there's more to beauty than often-harmful chemical products, have an interest in taking care of your health, along with your skin and hair, and enjoy the larger issues of beauty -- such as body image, differences in perceptions of beauty in different cultures and in antiquity, the history of beauty and fashion -- and beauty of the entire human being, come along for the ride.

Here's an example of the kind of issue that affects the perception of beauty in our own time and place: Check out the controversy about underage models at New York's Fashion Week: N.Y. Fashion Week Underage Ruway Models Crackdown Ford Models Disagrees:

When I read the New York Times Article about the proposal to card runway models at Fashion Week, my main question was why are photographers shooting models undressing backstage, whether they're 14 or 16? The current proposal in to require models to show ID to prove they're 16 or over, but what makes it okay to take pics of 16 year-olds undressing? If the idea is to protect young models, wouldn't it make more sense to bar photographers from shooting pics of all the minors -- instead of barring models under age 16?

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