My latest beauty articles:

Carrie Underwood Shows Lipstick Power in Two Makeup Looks for Good Girl Video

Carrie Underwood's new music video for her hit single 'Good Girl' features a split personality with distinctive makeup looks for each persona. 

Jennifer Lopez Looks Glamorous in New Show Q'Viva

On location in South America with ex-husband Marc Antony, the couple scouts for exceptional talents in jungles, the streets and in crowded housing. JLo brings her glam fashion sense to her new talent show, Q'Viva. The show debuted to high viewing numbers in North and South America.

Angelina Jolie Eyelashes From the Women in the World Summit

Jolie told the moving story of a humanitarian doctor who saves thousands of lives in violence-torn Somalia. Incidentally, Jolie's lashes were fabulous.

Jennifer Lopez Makeup on Acapulco Music Video Shoot

JLo rocks bright lips and a new braided hairstyle for her dynamic video on location with her boyfriend in Acapulco.

Skin Cancer Pill Now on Sale in Britain

A new twice-a-day pill for advanced skin cancer was approved for sale throughout Europe. Based on preliminary studies, the pill may extend the lives of patients with advanced melanoma. Patients also have more energy and less pain with the new medication.

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