Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day: Beauty, Smile and Posture Tips

Happy Valentine's Day!

One thing to notice -- when you drop every little criticism about yourself -- you're beautiful right now, and there are people who love you right now.

When someone's into you, he or she isn't holding up a magnifying glass to every little thing you ever felt self-conscious about. So, today, practice letting go of all that stuff that holds you back from feeling great about yourself, and just feel you. Find your happiness in everything you find beautiful today -- your favorite color, a bird, a flower -- take some inspiration from your surroundings and play up the things you like most about yourself. This will give you a glow that's much more appealing to others.

The New York Times confirmed that two underage models represented by Ford Models walked the runway in the Marc Jacobs show. These are models under the age of 16. The recommendation of limiting participation to runway models aged 16 or over was a recommendation, not a mandatory restriction. 

Think of someway to make your Valentine's Day a celebration -- even if you're spending it by yourself. Today could be the beginning of a better relationship -- taking good care of yourself is a great place to start. Treat yourself today -- being able to receive the good things can help you feel more loved and loving. It can start with you, right now.

That real smile that comes from feeling relaxed and content is a much more welcoming look than the tension that can become a habit on your face. Throughout the day, notice your face. Take a deep breath and relax your face. Making this a habit can help you prevent expression lines -- those deep wrinkles that can result from habitual expressions. Take another deep breath and notice your posture.

Check that your head is on straight -- literally -- and not craning forward. Deep breath -- drop your shoulders and check that your back is lined up from your hips. If you sit a lot, craning your head forward with your shoulders up and upper back rounded adds tension to your body, tires you out, and can lead to habitual poor posture as you get older. Just don't go there. Make it a habit to maintain good posture -- you'll feel better and look better all day.

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