Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence 'Hunger Games' Premiere: 5 Tips to Get Her Look

Jennifer Lawrence pictures display her composure and warm smile. At the L.A. Hunger Games première, her up-swept and tumbled-down hairstyle suited the spirit of her movie character, Katniss Everdeen. Katniss is a warrior of her people, and Lawrence's glowing complexion gives her an outdoors-woman look that fits the characters' prowess with a bow and arrow. Jennifer Lawrence wore a gown by Prabal Gurung that looked gold or bronze depending on the light. The defined eyes and natural colors in her makeup complemented the bold color.

Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyle at The Hunger Games Premiere

The soft hairstyle, with an ornamented bun in back and tendrils falling around Lawrence's face was by Mark Thompson, her hairstylist. He told In Style he'd wanted to create Katniss' hairstyle since he read the book. Townsend used mousse on Lawrence's hair and then braided three decorative headbands into it.

The sparkle in the headbands work well with the metallic dress and create flashes of color to Lawrence's hair. The narrow, sparkling headbands create a beaded effect. In profile, the braided bun falls softly against the back of her neck. This creates a soft, romantic look, without the severe effect of a tight bun. The tendrils of hair framing her face, her bangs, and the softness of the hair gathered into the braid, left loose on her head, not pulled tight, keeps the hairstyle timeless and sensual.

5 Ways to Create this Katniss Look at Home

The hairstyle: Smooth a walnut-sized amount of mousse through your hair. Use more if you have longer or thicker hair than Lawrence. Braid your hair loosely, or have someone braid it for you, using jeweled, beaded or sparkly headbands as a strand in the braid. Use combs or clips to shape the braid into a soft bun that hangs on your neck. Spray your hair, including tendrils left free along the side with a non-aerosol hairspray.

Base: Use a matte finish liquid base or a powder base that matches your chest. This will help to give you a natural complexion that suits you. Apply it lightly.

Eye Shadow: The almost-bronze brown shadow in Jennifer Lawrence pictures from The Hunger Game Premiere in Hollywood Life suit her gown's color and her earthy movie character. Choose an eye shadow that looks like natural shadow, such as light brown for light to medium skin and dark brown or plum for dark skin.   
Eye Liner and Mascara: A key feature in the makeup is the eyeliner that extends all the way to the corner of the eye on both the upper and lower eyelid. It can take practice to get this right. Add matching mascara and your eyes are so defined they compel attention. 

Lips: Use nude lipstick and a light touch of coral lip gloss to add a hint of color and shine. Finish with a brush stroke of peach blush right along your cheekbones. Women and girls with darker skin tones can create a similar effect with a lipstick matched to their skin and a rosy or plum lip gloss. The nude lips effect works best by working with your skin tone.

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