Friday, March 16, 2012

5 Tips to Get the 'Dark Shadows' Makeup Look

Dark Shadows makeup proves it: Everything old becomes new again. The resurrection of retro styles is a given in beauty. With the movie scheduled to premiere in theaters on May 18th, expect to see an upsurge in 1970s makeup styles. The fun part of this is that Tim Burton's goth beauty creates an upbeat, playful vibe that gives you room to experiment with vampire-inspired style.

Tim Burton's new movie starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter draws inspiration from the 1960s vampire TV show by the same name. The original show featured a compelling vampire named Barnabas Collins and beautiful vampire women. Burton has updated the concept with 1970s disco music and quirky humor.

Helena Bonham Carter
Helena Bonham Carter stars with Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's new movie.
Vampire Lipstick

The Dark Shadows trailer on Buzz Sugar shows the women in the cast with pale lips, an effect you can get with this season's hot neutral lipsticks. In the most dynamic and active scenes for the female characters, the vamps sport blood-red lips. This is the classic women's vampire look, with the bloodless undead complexion giving high contrast to the blood-red mouth ready to feed.

Pale, Matte Base for the Vampire Look

For on-stage or night life, applying pancake makeup with a damp sponge gives you full coverage to create the vampire-pale beauty. For daytime or a more subtle effect, using a fair liquid or pressed powder base from a compact will give you a lighter skin tone. Finish it off with a light dusting of loose powder with a powder brush after applying lipstick and eye shadow. Skip the blush. The powder sets the makeup and increases the opaque, pale-skinned effect. This trick also works on dark skin tones. By choosing a base shade fairer than your skin, you can create the fresh undead look of Dark Shadows makeup.

Vamp Eyes

Retro eye makeup gives you room to get into makeup as paint. Vamp eyes allow you to go for heavy eyeliner. You have two fun options. Liquid eyeliner for an authentic 1970s drawn-on thick line on the upper lid that fans out at the outer corners of your eyes or using a softened eyeliner pencil tip to create a smudged line for your upper and lower lids. The smudged effect can even extend into deep shadows all the way around your eyes for a more intense vampire look. Complete the look with black false eyelashes or dramatic mascara.

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